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Language for the Movement: Working with K-12 Schools (Strengthening Partnership)

Published: 2018-07-23

Published: 2018

Speaker: Indi McCasey

Over the last two years, the The National Guild's Arts in Education (AIE) Network has focused on supporting arts educators teaching for social justice in partnership with schools. Discussions have revealed, unsurprisingly, that one of the biggest obstacles to arts educators directing their school-based work more towards racial and social justice is language—fear of using terminology that will damage the partnership and generally being unsure of how to start.

In this clip from Language from the Movement: Working with K-12 School Partners, Indi McCasey, Co-Ambassador for the White Advocates for Racial Equity (WARE) Network, facilitates a discussion on having productive conversations with partner schools around issues of language, racial justice, and authentic community engagement.