Image Credit: M3 Mitchell Media

Thank you for joining us in DC!


A huge thank you to our keynotes, speakers, performers, staff, and attendees for making this a beautiful reunion! If you missed us, check out our agenda and speakers here.

Our theme this year Seeding Fractals: Cultivating Connections, Multiplying Impact was inspired by adrienne marie brown’s "Emergent Strategy: " The theme captures the essence of community arts education: the power of interconnectedness and the exponential potential for positive change. In nature, fractals represent intricate patterns that repeat themselves on various scales, from the smallest leaf to the grandest tree. Similarly, the community arts education sector thrives on fostering connections and relationships that lead to multiplied impact.

We hope that this year encompassed our theme, and that everyone who participated is building off of at least one idea shared at our conference. 

This year we also announced our new awards for the Conference for Community Arts Education, introducing a fresh chapter in our commitment to recognizing and celebrating outstanding contributions within our community. View our 2024 arts leaders!