Community Arts Education Leadership and Intercultural Institute (CAELII)


Since 1985, the National Guild for Community Arts Education has offered cohort style training programs for Community Arts Education Practitioners to deepen their leadership and build strong relationships with existing and new peers in the field.  Now, after examining the breadth of offerings over the last few decades, the National Guild is expanding the CAELI Institute.

The revamped CAELI Institute, named COMMUNITY ARTS EDUCATION LEADERSHIP and INTERCULTURAL INSTITUTE (CAELII), offers intensive, cohort-style experiences for community arts education practitioners of all skills and experiences. To transform the leadership of community arts education artists, funders, and administrators, the institute holds three distinct cohort-style trainings in self, organization, and community.


Our three cohort trainings: 

LEADERSHIP TRANSFORMATION: Self-reflective, transformative cohort experience through which both seasoned and emerging leaders advance their leadership skills by engaging with top leadership trainers, nationally renowned practitioners, and a diverse cohort of peers. This 6 month long cohort program includes a four-day in-person intensive, a 360-degree feedback process, peer-mentoring, and follow-up coaching. Applications are now closed

ORGANIZATION LIBERATION: Human-centered policy building cohort experience to learn the historic and current complexities of HR and organizational management, and engage with nationally renowned practitioners developing new work culture practices. This 8 month long cohort program includes two four-day in-person intensives, peer-mentoring, examination of one's organizational policies and collaborative draft building of new policies, and personal coach for organization reentry support. Launching Applications September 2025, for a winter cohort experience January 28 - February 1, 2026 .

COMMUNITY ADVOCACY: a base-building cohort experience to build people power at the local, state, and national levels. Through side-by-side mentorship with leading activists and organizers, cohort members learn how to engage their community in honest dialogue, collective decision-making, and campaign building. Launching Applications September 2026, for a winter cohort experience January 27 - January 31, 2027 .


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