A Beautiful Evolution

In April 2024, the National Guild updated our branding, mission, vision, and values.

In June 2022, the National Guild for Community Arts Education entered what we called "The Portal."  We are now embarking on a transformative journey, setting the stage for "A Beautiful Evolution" in the realm of community arts education. Our vision is to create a world where every individual has access to transformative arts experiences that ignite creativity, foster personal growth, and build vibrant communities. We envision a future where community arts education thrives as a catalyst for social change, breaking barriers, and inspiring individuals to reach their full potential.

"A Beautiful Evolution" is the National Guild's visionary blueprint. This blueprint sets the stage for a new chapter of innovation, inclusion, and boundless possibilities in community arts education. This blueprint is rooted in a commitment to equity, access, and creativity and will inspire a multitude of initiatives that celebrate the transformational power of arts education.

The National Guild's Executive Director, Quanice Floyd, reveals the strategy and programming behind "A Beautiful Evolution": 

As part of "A Beautiful Evolution," the National Guild is embarking on a journey to introduce a diverse array of new and expanded programs designed to make a tangible impact on individuals and communities.

Key initiatives include:

  • Community Arts Education Leadership and Intercultural Institute (CAELII): The Community Arts Education Leadership Institute is embracing a new identity as the "Community Arts Education Leadership and Intercultural Institute (CAELII). This transformation reflects our deep commitment to fostering inclusive, intercultural dialogue, and holistic leadership in the field of community arts education. This includes the introduction of three distinct and dynamic cohorts, each designed to meet the unique needs and aspirations of leaders and emerging leaders within the community arts education community: the leadership transformation, organizational liberation, and community advocacy cohorts.
  • GuildCollective Program: The GuildCollective program is designed to unite and support hyperlocal community arts education leaders in a cooperative network, enabling the sharing of resources, expertise, and best practices. This program will empower organizations to achieve collective goals and impact while celebrating the unique strengths of each member institution.
  • Bi-annual Regional Summits: In an effort to connect community arts educators and organizations at the local level, the National Guild will host bi-annual Regional Summits. These gatherings will provide a forum for in-depth discussions, idea sharing, and networking. They will serve as a catalyst for local-level change and empowerment within the field.
  • National Guild NextGen Fellowship Program: The NextGen Fellowship program aims at nurturing emerging leaders under 30. This program provides mentorship, professional development, and networking opportunities to equip the next generation of community arts education leaders to drive innovation and positive change in the field.
  • Sabbatical Program: Recognizing the importance of self-renewal and professional growth, the National Guild will launch a sabbatical program. This program offers community arts leaders the opportunity to take a well-deserved break to explore new perspectives, engage in research, or recharge creatively. It supports lifelong learning and the long-term sustainability of individuals dedicated to community arts education.

As part of "A Beautiful Evolution," these programs are designed to empower individuals, foster a culture of innovation, and ensure that community arts education remains at the forefront of societal transformation.

The National Guild for Community Arts Education invites all stakeholders—members, partners, funders, policymakers, and community arts enthusiasts—to join us on this journey. Together, we will celebrate "A Beautiful Evolution" and amplify and uplift the impact of community arts education.