Benchmarking Data Report

Photo: Example graphic from the 2017 Benchmarking Data Report

The National Guild's Benchmarking Data Report contains custom data for community arts organizations on faculty pay rates, instructional fees, administrative staffing and salaries, enrollment demographics, financial aid, and more. This data allows you to make informed decisions on program planning, budgeting, and organizational assessment. It also helps funders and policy makers better understand the needs and impact of our field.

Accessing the Report

The 2017 Benchmarking Data Report is available, free of charge, to all Guild members that participated in the survey. For access, contact

The report is also available for purchase. Guild members receive a discounted rate.

Guild Member Rate $100
Non-Member Rate $175

To purchase the report, contact

Report Details

The Benchmarking Data Report provides field-specific information on:

  • Enrollment and demographics, including number of students served and racial/ethnic percentages of students
  • Annual operating income, including earned versus contributed income and overall revenue sources
  • Annual operating expenses, including program, fundraising, and general budget allocations and categories of expenses
  • Financial aid, including percentage of students receiving aid and aid as a percentage of operating expenses
  • Staffing levels, including average number of staff and faculty positions by budget
  • Staff salaries, pay rates for teaching artists, and employee benefits