The National Guild supports nine national networks designed to convene members, share resources and strategies, and drive a national conversation around vital topics in arts education. All Networks are led by a Guild Ambassador (or two) and supported by a steering committee composed of Guild members.

Network activities include:

  • In-depth webinars with field experts
  • Online video chats with peer-to-peer discussion and breakout room conversations
  • In-person regional convenings designed for Guild members
  • Gatherings and activities at the Conference for Community Arts Education
  • Articles and interviews archived for members in the Resource Center

Connecting with Guild Networks

Full members receive full access to Network benefits. If you are not a member, consider joining the Guild. You can also express your Network interests via the link below to receive updates on activity.

National Guild Members

As a Guild member, you can affiliate with Guild Networks by logging in and updating your User Profile.


Other Network Stakeholders

If you are not a member of the Guild—but want to stay up to date on activities—you can provide your contact information below.