Erin Dunn headshot. Erin smiles into the camera, with a white background behind her. She has light skin and light brown, straight hair falling to her shoulders, and wears a white top with dark horizontal stripes and a navy blue blazer.

Erin Dunn (she/her) is a Regional Operations Manager with Elevate K-12 in Chicago, IL. She has worked in the education sector for over the past ten years in both teaching and administrative roles. She has a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Houston and a Bachelors in Art History from Kansas State University. Erin has continued her anti-racism work through her commitment to serving on the Steering Committee for the Guild’s former White Advocates for Racial Equity Member Network and in her current role professionally at Elevate K-12.


Lauren Campbell headshot. Lauren looks into the camera with a big, warm smile. She has light skin and a dark blond bob haircut. She wears a black sleeveless top with a pattern on it, and the background behind her is a light bluish gray.

Lauren Campbell (she/her) is the Director of Education at Strathmore, where she has worked steadily to support the organization’s development of equitable, inclusive and anti-racist practices. She leads a large portfolio of education and community programs, working with local and national musicians, community partners and schools to co-build electric arts experiences for people of all ages. She believes arts education is a civil right, and works to unlearn the white supremacy in herself and the arts field every day, working with colleagues to imagine new and better systems. She has served on the former WARE committee since 2018 and has attended a wide range of racial equity training.


Adam St. Bernard Jacobs headshot. Adam smiles into the camera, with a blurred green background behind him. He has light skin, light brown hair shaved very close to his scalp, and a small patch of beard below his bottom lip. He wears a blue button-down shirt.

Adam St. Bernard Jacobs (he/him) is a peace educator, nonprofit leader, and proud parent. He was the founding Executive Director of Kids Creative in NYC for 19 years and is currently the Director of Development and Communications for the National School Climate Center, Ramapo Training, and the Youth Development Institute. He was a member of the team that founded P.S. 536, a progressive elementary school in the Bronx. He also sits on national organizing committees working to dismantle white supremacy in arts education and Jewish institutions. He has written articles and led workshops in antiracist parenting, conflict resolution and the arts, giving talks and workshops at Columbia University, The Peace and Justice Studies Conference, The Brooklyn Public Library, Gettysburg College, and The University of Istanbul, among others. He was also Mr. Clown, a lead performer in the internationally acclaimed rock group for kids, The Dirty Sock Funtime Band, and was a regular on Nick Jr. and Chuck E Cheese TV.  He is raising 2 fantastic children with his life partner Tabitha.


Amy Jo McCarville headshot. Amy smiles into the camera. She has light skin, long brown straight hair, and wears a deep blue top, reddish lipstick and a tortoiseshell patterned hoop earring. The background is beige.

In her role as Arts Administrator & Recreation Coordinator with Portland Parks & Recreation, Amy Jo McCarville (she/her) strives to integrate creativity and collaboration in service of greater access to community arts opportunities. She serves on the Bureau Diversity & Equity Committee, Equity in Action Programming Committee, and is a facilitator trained in leading courageous conversations about race. She is deeply committed to the inner healing work that accompanies the capacity to be more present and accountable as a white accomplice in the movement for racial equity.  She has served on the former White Advocates for Racial Equity Steering committee since 2018. 


Dan Reilly headshot. Dan looks into the camera with a wide, closed-lipped smile. He has light skin, light blue eyes, and short brown hair and wears a black shirt. The background is out of focus and appears to have abstract shapes in dark blue, green, and orange.
Since first joining RYSE in 2009 as a video instructor, Dan Reilly (he/him) has held many roles within the organization. For the past three years as the Innovations Director, he has engaged youth and community in visioning and designing a new youth-driven, healing-centered, and artistically creative space that can better serve the wants and needs of young folks of color in Richmond, CA. He is currently managing the construction of an expanded campus called RYSE Commons so that Richmond youth and invested stakeholders have a space to build, learn, love, heal, and transform themselves and their communities. Both professionally and personally, Dan is deeply committed to working as a white accomplice in the movement for racial equity being led by visionary BIPOC leaders.


Sarah Rinner headshot. Sarah looks into the camera with a big, warm smile. She has light skin and shoulder-length straight brown hair, and wears hoop earrings, a thin chain around her neck, and a white top with a black top visible underneath it. Behind her is green foliage.

As Chief Program Officer, Sarah Rinner (she/her) works closely with the leadership team to provide strategic vision for Creative Action's three programming departments. Creative Action is an anti-racist organization that believes in, and actively works toward, equity, justice and love. In her role at Creative Action, Sarah guides program development and implementation, drives continuous quality improvement efforts and collaborates with community and school district partners. She strives to create more opportunities for staff and students to deepen their leadership skills and professional growth. She also serves as a member of Creative Action’s Social Justice Staff Coalition, and stays engaged with the National Guild’s anti-racism efforts as a participating white-identified advocate for racial equity. Sarah is a former President of the Central Texas Afterschool Network and is trained as a Methods Trainer and External Assessor through the Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality. She is a proud 2016 alum of the Community Arts Education Leadership Institute through the National Guild for Community Arts Education. Sarah holds an MFA from the University of Texas at Austin’s Drama and Theatre for Youth program.