Session Formats

The Groundwork gathering will include virtual learning opportunities that are designed to be reflective and spark dialogue and action. The session formats are described below. Each session will also be part of one of our content tracks

Some sessions will be synchronous, and some will be asynchronous:

  • VIRTUAL, SYNCHRONOUS SESSIONS take place online via Zoom meetings.

  • ASYNCHRONOUS SESSIONS will be pre-recorded and shared with registered participants to engage with during and after the Groundwork gathering.


Drawing of an armchair

Armchair Travel Tours

Asynchronous; Pre-recorded video or audio file

Up to 20 minutes

Armchair Travel Tour presenter swill take you on a virtual tour of their program, organization, project or community to provide a glimpse of their community embedded work in action, and how they are responding to the pandemic and movements of our time. Presenters will:

  • Be real, reflective, and transparent about their process—the good, the bad, and the ugly. They will share what questions and considerations are driving their work, what they and their collaborators are learning along the way, what is still challenging, and how their are continuing to adapt.

  • Directly include the voices of their colleagues, participants, partners, and community in their storytelling.


Drawing of a hand holding a pencil, drawing a lightbulb

Make/Think/Share Studios 

Synchronous; Hands-on art making and reflective practice

90 minutes

The pandemic has required teaching artists to adapt their practice quickly while also continuing to provide vital support and connection for their students and communities. Make/Think/Share Studio presenters will lead participants through hands-on creative practices (in various artistic disciplines) that integrate reflection to foster deeper connections, encourage personal storytelling, and/or promote healing.

  • Materials will be common household items, so that participants can follow along. 

  • The artwork you create may be individual or collaborative. Artworks may be multidisciplinary (e.g., visual art, media art, performance, movement/dance, storytelling, music, etc.) 


Drawing of a person on a yoga mat, stretching

Grounding Practices

Synchronous or Asynchronous (pre-recorded audio or video file)

Up to 20 minutes

Presenters will facilitate a self-care, wellness, and/or healing practice for participants. These grounding practices will be a recurring offering throughout the gathering.  

  • Grounding practices may be still meditations and breathwork, or they may incorporate active embodied practices and movement


Drawing of a microphone

Real Talk Salons


75-90 minutes* 

Real Talk Salon storytellers will embody radical transparency and truth-telling about their community embedded work in action, and how this relates to issues surfaced by the pandemic.

  • Storytellers will share the intentional changes they and their collaborators have made to their practice(s) to directly address the issues and/or inequalities that the pandemic revealed. They will answer:

    • What changed? Why? How were these changes designed and implemented?

    • How will these new practices/programs/policies be carried into the future, in some distant time when we are no longer plagued by COVID?

  • Storytellers will be real, reflective, and transparent.

  • Stories may be told live within the Real Talk Salon, or they may be pre-recorded—but either way, the storyteller will be present for audience Q&A during the live session.