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December 10, 2021 Guild News

2021 Board of Trustees Update

In advance of our Annual Meeting on December 9th, Guild members voted on the board of trustees slate. Three new trustees are joining the board for their first 3-year terms, three trustees were reelected, and board members were selected for the Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary positions.

July 30, 2021 Guild News

Racial Equity Journey: What we're reading in July 2021

As part of our ongoing racial equity journey, Guild staff is unpacking our own white supremacy behaviors in monthly meetings about anti-racism. We're currently poring through— resources to understand, resist, and dismantle white supremacy culture.

June 15, 2021 Field News

286 Organizations Receive Unrestricted Grants Averaging $10 Million Each

MacKenzie Scott, the third-wealthiest woman in the world, has announced that she is giving grants averaging $10 million each to 286 equity-oriented organizations. The list of grantees includes many community arts education organizations, Guild members, and members of the Guild's extended "family"!