Code of Conduct

As stated in our Groundwork Community Agreements, the Guild is moving toward an anti-racist, anti-ableist, and anti-ageist future. Working in that direction, we offer a few codes of conduct in order to ensure the integrity, intention, and the safety of this Slack space. In our research of other online communities, we discovered that a clear list of practices that includes things to do and things to avoid can be beneficial for growing a healthy culture.

The Guild is learning how to create forum spaces. As we grow and change this document may change. This is a living document. 

We also acknowledge that we are all learning and unlearning, and in this process mistakes happen. We hope that this will be a space where we may make mistakes, acknowledge them and extend each other grace, and make repairs, as needed, too. Here are the intentions and expectations that we would like to set for the space:

Do’s & Don’ts 


Please read the Groundwork Community Agreements & Racial Equity Guiding Principles and Policies. 

Be courteous and respectful of those you share space with. 

Be mindful of accessibility practices. Add image descriptions and alternative text to visual imagery that you share. We have folks in this space who may be using screen readers. For many this may be a new practice that will take time to learn. We have included information about this in our Know Before You Go page [LINK]

Always provide credit to artists or authors of works, documents or images you are sharing. 

Be mindful of the age diversity in this space. Part of Groundwork programming involves actively naming and discussing ageism and adultism. 



Don't make assumptions about people's pronouns. Assumptions fuel disconnection. Simply use someone’s name if you are unsure about how to refer to them. If you are interested in sharing information about yourself so that others can get to know you, please introduce yourself in the #0-introductions Slack channel or share information about yourself in your Slack profile. 

No spam. Do not solicit participation in a specific program outside of the Guild, unless participation makes sense for community arts educators & would help them strengthen their practice. What you share should include lessons learned through your work, or new models or practices that may be helpful for others in their community arts education practice. 

Respect the privacy of the space. Don’t share screenshots of conversations. “What is said here, stays here; however what is learned is liberated and should be shared.” People may be sharing personal reflections, please do not share the specifics of their stories. 

Unacceptable Behaviors

This is a space for co-learning, reflection & connection. This can only happen if there is safety. In line with our Racial Equity Guiding Principles and Policies, we aim to prioritize those most marginalized. As such, the sharing of racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist or adultist language and/or images is unacceptable. Unacceptable behavior may take many forms including but not limited to harassment, coercion, bullying or microaggressions. 

Consequences of Unacceptable Behaviors

If your behavior crosses Community Agreements or this Code of Conduct, you will be contacted by Guild staff. In an attempt to offer grace and growth, we will discuss steps for improvement. If the behavior continues, you may be banned from the Slack Workspace and/or the remaining Groundwork program. 

If you notice behavior that makes you feel threatened, unsafe or otherwise crosses the Community Agreements or this Code of Conduct, please alert Guild Staff at You an also reach out to Deputy Director of Equity and Human Development, Ashley Hare at 

Questions and Feedback 

If you have questions about this code of conduct or our National Guild Groundwork Forum Slack Workspace in general, please reach out to us. This work is new and we'd love your feedback. Are we getting this right?  Have we missed the mark? Please contact with any comments or questions.