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GuildNotes: Arts and Anti-Racism

Published: 2020-06-23

Our latest issue of Guild Notes is now available online. You can click through pages, read articles, and follow links to learn more. 

In this issue, we focus on Arts and and Anti-Racism. Read the full issue for:

  • An excerpt from Favianna Rodriguez’s keynote address, "Culture is Power: Reclaiming the Radical Imagination" at the Guild’s 2019 Conference for Community Arts Education. 
  • Setting the Tone and Driving Change: The Board’s Role in Advancing Racial Equity, an interview with InSite Consultants on their conference session and the responsibility boards have to drive transformational change.  
  • Conference Reflections by:
    • Joyce Drayton, Founder and Executive Director of Georgia E. Gregory Interdenominational School of Music (GEGISOM), about anti-racism work through the arts
    • Dan Reilly, Director of Innovation at RYSE Youth Center in Richmond, CA
    • Indi McCasey, Arts Educator and Consultant

Dig in to the full issue to learn and be inspired to deepen your own anti-racism work this year.