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CYD Toolkit: Working in Social Justice

Published: 2019-09-25

Social justice in the field of creative youth development (CYD) means working with youth from multiple identities to expand and nurture their analytic sensibilities, creativity, self-reflection, and critical thinking skills to engage them in the work of fighting for visibility, inclusion, and intersectional justice. It also means promoting and supporting youth culture as a mechanism to drive youths’ understanding of and ability to challenge racial violence, and structural and systemic oppression.

Join Dr. Bettina Love for a discussion of key insights and recommendations presented in her recently released paper, "Working in Social Justice," published by Americans for the Arts and the CYD National Partnership. Dr. Love will be joined by three nationally-recognized practitioners from Groundswell (Brooklyn, NY), Destiny Arts Center (Oakland, CA), and RE:FRAME Arts Center (Phoenix, AZ) who together will explore how frameworks in CYD that are grounded in social justice not only benefit youth, but all of us.

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• Bettina Love, author and Associate Professor of Educational Theory & Practice at the University of Georgia.
• Ashley Hare, Co-Founder, RE:FRAME Youth Arts Center, Phoenix, AZ and National Coordinator, CYD National Partnership
• Robyne Walker Murphy, Executive Director, Groundswell, Brooklyn, NY
• Mika Lemoine, Mentor Teaching Artist, Destiny Arts Center, Oakland, CA


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