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Community Arts Activated Part II: An Arts Education Policy Discussion

Published: 2024-03-27

Join us for an enriching dialogue in our webinar series, crafted to empower leaders and advocates in community arts education! Get ready for a vibrant discussion on arts education policy that shapes the landscape for community arts educators.

Here's a glimpse of the engaging topics we'll cover (and more!):


  • Dive into Existing and Upcoming Federal Legislation: Listen to insights from Congressional staffers, unraveling the current federal policies influencing community arts education. Explore upcoming bills and discover ways to contribute your support.
  • Navigate State and Local-level Policy: Embark on a journey through state and local legislation, gaining insights into how it impacts community arts educators.
  • Connect with Community Arts Ed Practitioners: Tune in to firsthand experiences from professionals actively involved in advocacy efforts. Understand how existing policies shape their work and learn how you can make a positive impact.


Come be a part of this liberatory conversation, where your voice and insights matter!