Leadership Transformation Faculty

The Leadership Transformation Cohort is a self-reflective, transformative cohort experience through which both seasoned and emerging leaders advance their leadership skills by engaging with top leadership trainers, nationally renowned practitioners, and a diverse cohort of peers. This 6 month long cohort program includes a five-day in-person retreat, peer-mentoring, and follow-up coaching. Learn more about our faculty. APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN UNTIL MAY 1, 2024. Click here to apply.

Leadership Transformation Faculty

Facilitator of Understanding, Values, Ideology, and Personality

Phoenix Sun Park (she/her), Founder and Executive Director, Voice of Purpose is a catalyst and creator, a systems-thinker who believes in the importance of integrating the sacred into our lives and movement work - that the most powerful act of revolution we can embody is to heal ourselves. She has been a leader in community arts engagement as an artist, educator and organizer since 2005. Grounded in frameworks that center transformation, embodiment, and integration, she supports arts organizations, leaders, administrators and educators, to embody their purpose in order to deepen their impact, through consulting and professional development. In her most recent work, she has been stewarding collaborations and partnerships with industry-leading organizations across Canada and the US, delivering digital and equity focused research and projects, that center BIPOC voices and experiences. Her institutional schooling includes a bachelors degree in International Development, with graduate studies in Integrated Healing (Western Psychotherapy, Eastern Energy Medicine, and Bioenergetics/Somatic Healing). Phoenix’s personal artistic practice includes dance, visual arts, singing and spoken word poetry. Paying homage to her ancestors and lineage of Corea, and her community arts roots that sprouted in Jane-Finch, Toronto - Phoenix’s true calling is to be a catalyst of transformation, embody a new imprint, and build new models for co-liberation.


Facilitator of Mindfulness, Somatic, and Earth-aligned Wellness

Raji Ganesan (she/her), Somatic Practitioner, Artist, Earthworker, Facilitator, and Radical Youth Educator is the daughter of poor & middle class, dominant caste, Tamil immigrants from South India. She is a stubborn sister & fun aunt. Currently rooted in New Orleans, Louisiana, she was raised in the Sonoran desert of Arizona. Her facilitation practice is rooted in values of deep listening, compassionate confrontation, and a politics of liberation & self-determination for oppressed people and land everywhere.

Facilitator of Intersectionality and Liberation

Alex Locust (he/she/they)Disability Culture Speaker, is a Black biracial, queer "Glamputee" audaciously creating and celebrating the representation they want to see in the world through art and activism. Alex aspires to embody the tenacity of the trailblazers in his lineage and points to disability justice as his North Star. Whether as a counselor, harm reductionist, runway model, film festival juror, or roller skating in drag, Alex always serves the 3 C’s (Curls, Crutches, & Claws), while basking in the pleasure of being in community with those committed to shaping culture towards justice and liberation. He graduated from San Francisco State University with an M.S. in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling and earned the Peggy H. Smith Distinguished Graduate Student award as well as Graduate Student of the Year from the National Council on Rehabilitation Education. As a community organizer and activist, Alex facilitates workshops in a broad spectrum of environments. Armed with bombastic charm, whimsical humor, and a sharp wit, Alex synthesizes professional insight with lived experience to create engaging workshops grounded in cultural humility, intersectionality, and centering the voices of marginalized communities. Alex is passionately committed to educating others on how to adopt a disability justice framework for community building and strives to empower fellow disabled folks to feel included in the movement.

Facilitator of Boundary Setting, and Advocating for Self and Community

ashley hare (they/them) works across the u.s. as a community arts administrator, educator and consultant. they collaborate with artists, cultural workers, and organizers who share values in using artistic and cultural practice to build new ways of being. ashley’s personal practice centers the wisdom of earth mother, reciprocity, and joy. in ashley’s first 15 years of working, they served as a teaching artist, program manager, arts education director, and in c-suite positions at multiple nonprofits. during those years as a nonprofit and government employee, ashley witnessed many inequitable practices. as a result, ashley decided to move their career to an external collaborative consultant and work long-term with organizations desiring change. ashley’s collaborators have included: Arizona Democracy Resource Center, Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, Mesa Arts Center, National Guild for Community Arts Education, Creative Youth Development National Partnership, Palabras Bilingual Bookstore, Santa Fe Opera, Omaha Theatre Company, Imagination Stage, LISC (Local Initiative Support Corporation), Arizona State University, Create Justice Initiative National Policy Action Team, Museums Moving Forward, Story Tapestries, MassLiberation AZ, Black Lives Matter PhxMetro, MODABA Education Center. Ashley is the co-founder of RE:Frame Youth Arts Center in South Phoenix, and works alongside young folxs to build a liberatory framework for a community arts nonprofit.