Destiny Arts Center Featured in New York Times

August 11, 2020


Destiny Arts Center was featured in a beautiful piece in the New York Times that captures how for the young artists at Destiny, dance and activism are intertwined and rooted in the traditions of Oakland. Their year-end project, a feature-length piece called “The Black (W)hole", went through a process of transformation—first in response to the pandemic, and then to join with the protests for racial justice.

"'I feel like I dance a lot harder knowing what I’m dancing for,' said Dinah Cobb, 15." 

“When I was dancing I felt like I was bringing in all the spirits from those people—George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin,” [Ny’Aja] Roberson said. “I felt like I was dancing for all of the young lives that couldn’t be with us right then and there.”

Read the full article here.

Published: September 03, 2020