Report Back from Texas: Notes from 2019 Conference Planning Meetings

To prepare for the 2019 Conference for Community Arts Education in Austin (Oct. 30 – Nov.2), this February and March, the Guild held town hall-style meetings of arts education leaders and stakeholders in four Texas cities: Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. These regional meetings were co-hosted with the Texas Commission on the Arts, Texans for the Arts, and Texas Cultural Trust at community sites including the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (Austin), the Latino Cultural Center (Dallas), SAY Sí (San Antonio), and Art League Houston. The planning and production of these meetings was also supported by members of this year’s state-wide host committee. More than 100 leaders representing nonprofit organizations, government agencies and foundations, as well as independent teaching artists, participated in dialogue that identified a host of issues affecting the field.

The document shares the combined notes on central themes that surfaced during the four planning meetings. For notes specific to each city, contact Drew Malmuth, Assistant Director of Learning, at

Read the full notes from our time in Texas.

Published: March 29, 2019