Announcing Three New Networks for Guild Members

Our member networks extend the impact of the Guild through networking and professional development activities that foster engagement, skill building, and communication among arts education professionals, locally and nationally. To further strengthen this effort, the Guild is excited to announce the launch of three new, national networks to support our membership: White Allies Network, Large Schools Network, and Emerging Leaders Network.

Each Network will be holding it's inaugural in-person convening at this year's 2017 Conference for Community Arts Education as well as an online launch event prior to the Conference.

The networks were formed based on in-depth collaboration and discussion with the membership, and the field at large. The Guild has designed these three platforms to serve the core needs of arts education leaders across the country. Each network will be led by one or two ambassadors and guided by a steering committee comprised of member representatives:

White Allies Network

The White Allies Network, led by Jeannette Tremblay, director of school and studio programs, Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago, IL), and Indi McCasey, creative educator and community catalyst (Oakland, CA), exists to complement and support the aims of the Guild’s ALAANA Network while also investigating the unique role that white people must play in undoing racism. The Network will do this work collectively through sharing stories, raising questions, and proposing actionable steps that can be taken every day to build racial equity in our workplaces and lives.

On September 28, 1 PM ET, The White Allies Network will be hosting an online launch event to discuss what it means to support racial justice as a white ally and to clarify the goals of the network. Learn more and register here.

If you are unable to attend the launch event but would like to contribute thoughts regarding the direction of the network, please contact Drew Malmuth.

Large Schools Network

The Large Schools Network, led by Marie Tai, associate director, Community Music Center of Boston (Boston, MA), and a co-ambassador to be announced shortly, is designed to support the growth and learning of Guild member organizations with budgets over $2 million. Through online learning, peer mentoring, and in-person convenings, this network will provide a space for large-budget schools and divisions of parent organizations to discuss unique problems, share best practices and strategies for success, and collaborate.

Emerging Leaders Network

The Emerging Leaders Network, led by Tarah Ortiz Durnbaugh, performance programs manager, Urban Gateways (Chicago, IL), and a co-ambassador to be announced shortly, seeks to support those who hope to advance their leadership in the field of arts education. The Network works with all those who identify as an emerging leader to strengthen community arts education by cultivating a next generation of leaders that is equipped to transform the field in new, innovative, and inclusive ways.

These three networks join the Guild's current five national networks—ALAANA, Arts in Education, Collegiate Divisional, Creative Youth Development, and Small Schools—which, in 2017, have convened numerous online video chats, helped curate Guild webinars, supported in-person convenings, developed network-specific programming for the 2017 Conference, and, in general, helped the Guild plan thoughtfully within their area of focus.

Creating robust networks that bring together our members for support and inspiration is core to the Guild's work. We at the Guild hope you take advantage of these three new networks as we all work collectively to maximize the creative potential of our communities.

Written by: Drew Malmuth

Published: September 26, 2017