The Importance of Arts Internships for Starting Careers in the Arts

"I had always envisioned myself becoming a musician one day, but until this summer I’d never realized I could pursue music as a vocation, as opposed to just a passion project," writes Eleasah Whittaker. "Last spring, I began searching for a summer job, preferably one that paid and, ideally, one in the arts. At the same time, I understood that the probability of finding a paid summer job in the arts, as opposed to a volunteer position, was slim-to-none."

In this post for The Hechinger Report, Eleasah Whittaker writes about their experience finding an arts internship in sound design, and the importance of programs like this one to help young artists start careers in the arts. 

"All in all, I think that programs like these are vital for students like me who are interested in the arts, as there aren’t many apprenticeship-style programs out there — especially not ones for high school students. These internship opportunities allow students to immerse themselves in an actual arts profession, gain insights about business acumen as it relates to creative work, and learn more about their own interests and ways to pursue them. If nothing else, students can find clarity on whether they’d like to pursue a career in the arts at all."

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Published: November 04, 2019