Mosaic Network to Fund and Support ALAANA Arts Groups

Sparked by a report from Yancey Consulting about what it would take for ALAANA (African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, and Native American) arts groups to thrive, New York Community Trust announced that it has formed the Mosaic Network and Fund. 

The network began with a gathering of ALAANA arts leaders last year to guide the work, and now has the goals of "changing the structure of the social network among collaborators and colleagues and establishing a new grants program to direct more resources to ALAANA arts groups." The organizers see the network as a radical space to foster trust, communication, and mutual learning among ALAANA arts groups and NYC philanthropies. 

The work will officially launch in March 2019, when they offer the first of a series of four learning exchanges. 

Learn more from the New York Community Trust.

Published: March 04, 2019