Our Supporters

Thanks to your generosity, the Guild was able to support the community arts education field in 2020 with essential virtual networking and learning at sliding-scale pricing. Together, we are all reimagining arts education and working together to shape a resilient and just future. 

2020 has been a year of reckoning with many assumptions. The growing movement of community-centered fundraising is providing a theoretical framework for the Guild to bring our own fundraising practices into stronger alignment with our Racial Equity Guiding Principles and Policies. As we move from theory to practice, we want to share how we’re revisiting development procedures that may no longer suit. 

Traditionally, we have published an annual donor honor roll (arranged by giving level) to celebrate those who provide crucial financial resources. But does that fully honor how our partners and organizations have supported us and each other in this moment? If we are reimagining rebuilding a field that is rooted in authentic collaboration that is transformative (and not merely transactional), then we are compelled to ask ourselves: what kind of contributions do we value enough to amplify? We are grateful for every contribution and have identified three values we’d like to uplift: loyalty, time, and financial support. The Guild, therefore, is removing giving levels from our 2020 donor listing to illustrate that every donation is deeply valued, regardless of the donor’s giving capacity. In addition, we will make note of the service provided by our trustees and trustee emeriti, and shine a light on donors who have given consistently for the last 10 years or more. 

We acknowledge that is by no means a complete list of those who went above and beyond, sharing finite resources in a time of deep crisis. As part of our journey towards being an anti-racist organization, we seek to communicate your largesse in ways that prioritize relationship-building. 

We welcome you to be part of the conversation with the Guild and learn more about our internal transformation

To all who gave, we thank you. 


***While every effort has been made to record all financial contributions, it’s come to our attention some of our mail has been misdirected. If your contribution is missing from this list, please email naiyaspeightleggett@nationalguild.org.



 ⚘  Member of Board of Trustees

🎵  Trustee Emeritus

♡  10 or more years’ support of the Guild


Duffie Adelson ⚘♡

Alchemy, Inc.

Burton Alter and Lisa Horowitz ♡

American Express 

Angell Foundation

Anonymous Donor (10)

Elizabeth Applegate - In Honor of Peter R. Kleiner

Aroha Philanthropies

Carl and Deborah Atkins 🎵 ♡

Patricia Banks

Mary L. Bianco at The MOCA Foundation

Cathy Blight

Eric Booth

Sandra Bowie ⚘

Linda Burt ♡

Roma Calatayud-Stocks and Thomas Stocks ⚘

Joseph Campbell Foundation

Clare Rose Foundation

Chad Cooper and Claire Ellis ⚘

Emilie Corey 🎵

David Corry

John Culhane - In Memory of Dorothy Jean Culhane

Rachael Cullins - In Honor of Noelle Russell

Summer Delaney & Nicholas Fineman

Eric Delli Bovi ⚘

Joyce Drayton

Benjamin Dunham and Wendy Rolfe-Dunham ♡

Helen Eaton and Guillaume Combet ⚘

Teresa and David Ehrlich

Phyllis Feder

Andrea Fineberg - In Honor of Ivy Young

Paul Noel Fiorino - In Honor of Hearts For The Arts Of Colorado

Sofia Fojas ⚘

Derrick Gay ⚘

Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation

Barry Goldberg ♡

The Good Beginning

Laurie Grant

Ashley Hare

Stephen and Ann Marie Haymes

Katie and Chris Hemphill

Jonathan Herman ♡ In Honor of Duffie Adelson and the National Guild staff

Dan Herman ♡

Cherie Hill

Julia Hoffman

Sarai Hoffman

Terry Hueneke 🎵

Lili Hussey ⚘

Kimberly Hyatt

Larry Isberg

Sachiko Isihara

Darren Isom ⚘

Judith Istock

Priscilla Kane Hellweg and John Hellweg

Thora Jacobson

John Knetemann

Lydia Kontos ♡

Lee Koonce ⚘♡

Liisa Kylheku

Karen LaShelle ⚘

SoYoung Lee ⚘

Jeffrey Lupardo

Lolita and Azim Mayadas ♡

Toby Mayman 🎵 ♡

Cynthia Miller ♡

Gayle Morgan and Edward Ellien  ⚘♡

Music Man Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

Negaunee Foundation

Heather Nelson

Scott and Barbara Nelson - In Honor of Kate & Shane Driscoll

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

Robyn Newhouse ⚘♡

Nancy Ng ⚘♡

Corie Nichols ♡

Myran Parker-Brass ⚘

Julienne Penza-Boone ♡

G. David Peters ⚘♡

Peggy Quackenbush ♡

Hilary Respass ♡

Martha Rochelle ⚘

Carol Ross 🎵 ♡

Ray Rusnak 🎵♡

Laurie Russell

Katherine Schumacher 🎵♡

Nina Stillman ⚘♡

Marie Tai

Leslie Thomas

Pamela Trimingham

Jason Trotta

U.S. Small Business Association

Ernest Vialpando

The Wallace Foundation

J. Curtis Warner Jr.  ⚘

Lecolion Washington ⚘

Constance Watson

Lawrence Zukof 🎵♡


The Guild would like to elevate the individuals who—on behalf of institutions—authentically collaborated with us to ensure we had the resources required to emerge more resilient from this difficult time. 

  • Mary Bianco

  • Teresa Bonner

  • Denise Brandenburg 

  • Richard Brown

  • Sharon Bryant

  • Tom Camp

  • Matt D'Arrigo

  • Lisa Delan

  • Sarah Drebelis

  • Kate Fox

  • Rebecca Gnessin

  • Ayanna Hudson

  • Lindsay Lewis

  • Sarah Lyding

  • Joyce Lyons

  • James McClelland

  • Katie McKenzie

  • Jessica Mele

  • Ellen Michelson 

  • Suzanne Paki 

  • Bahia Ramos

  • Kwame Scruggs

  • May van Scherrenburg


After 25 years, CEO Jonathan Herman has retired from the Guild. And while we hope to gather in person to celebrate his legacy someday, we were touched by those who made gifts in his honor.

  • Linda Burt

  • Barry Goldberg

  • Sarai Hoffman

  • Toby Mayman

  • Peggy Quackenbush

  • Carol Ross

  • Lawrence Zukof


In that spirit, we are grateful for those who gave in honor of Guild Trustee Emerita Carol Ross, recipient of the 2020 Service Award in recognition of her steadfast leadership, commitment, and generosity in service of community arts education. 

  • Burton Alter and Lisa Horowitz

  • Lydia Kontos

  • Lawrence Zukof