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Youth Leading Movements for Change

Published: 2018-11-09

Published: 2018

Featuring interviews with: Rashad Staton, Christien Wills, and Imani Harris

An equitable future starts with an authentic commitment to honoring and fostering youth leadership. In many of our communities, young people are finding artistic, transformative ways to move the needle on social justice. Community arts educators need to recognize that work and, when possible, find ways to nurture its future success. In the lead up to the National Young Artists' Summit in at Guild Conference in 2018, we spoke to three young artists and activists who are leading movements for change in Baltimore and beyond and who are engaged in the planning of the summit. They discuss their own activist work and how adults can provide authentic support, how arts educators have been involved in fostering their leadership, and how the November youth summit can serve as a platform for youth-led processes of community change.