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Thriving Better Together: Creative Aging & Resilience: Part 1 | Social Isolation: The Silent Pandemic

Published: 2021-06-14

Published on June 14, 2021

Thriving Better Together: Creative Aging & Resilience | This is a three-part series about creative aging programs, how social isolation impacts elders, and the advocacy needed to address ageism and other forms of oppression within the arts and culture sector. Investing in strong, creative, resilient communities of care for our elders is, likewise, an act of care for all current and future generations.

This introductory session provides fundamental context for the creative aging movement and its proven impact on counteracting social isolation among older adults. This session will provide a better understanding of current practices in creative aging that specifically address social isolation and the research that underscores the beneficial outcomes of social engagement for older adults.

SPEAKER: Shireen McSpadden; Executive Director of Disability and Aging Services at the San Francisco Human Services Agency.

Break-out Group Facilitators: Eepi Chaad, Russ Grazier, and Eliza Kiser

Moderators: Tiffany Jackson & Sylvia Sherman

ASL English Interpretation provided by ProBono ASL

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April 15, 2021