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Rootwork Series: Community First, Technology Second: Effective Strategies for Digital Tools

Published: 2020-12-16

Published on December 16, 2020

“Rootwork | Grounding Community Arts Education Beyond the Pandemic” is an online learning series about how to create programming informed by, and supportive of, the many, varied lived experiences of our communities in the unique context of this moment.

The pandemic has forced us to reckon with so many realities, including technology’s role in our work and community-making. While tech often cannot replace engagement IRL, we are living at a time when digital tools are becoming more essential for our practice. Let's talk about how we can let our organizational values lead us to make the most impact with our communities, especially in consideration of the very real digital divide. Participants will learn some low-cost ways, strategies, and resources to embrace video and online technologies to deliver fun, creative experiences for learners of all ages.

Access the slides here.

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Joaquin Ortiz, Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA

Adam Sherlock, Spy Hop, Salt Lake City, UT


ASL English Interpretation provided by Dresden Lamar and Mark Ormita from ProBono ASL