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Leading by Example: Baltimore Artists on Adversity, Creativity, and Beauty

Published: 2019-01-11

Published: 2018

The Guild’s 2018 Conference for Community Arts Education focused on the role of artists as leaders—in neighborhoods, organizations, and communities. Baltimore is a powerful example of how artists are “leading by example”— drawing on local resources to overcome adversity and imagine (and build) bold and beautiful futures.

Several visionary voices shared their stories at the start of the conference:
• Leslie King-Hammond, Founder and Director of the Center for Race and Culture and a nationally renowned artist, curator, and art historian
• Kibibi Ajanku, Founder of Sankofa Dance Theater and Equity and Inclusion Director, Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance
• Loring Cornish, mosaic and mixed media artist
• Brayaira Simms, digital spoken word artist
• Charles Funn, Director, Dunbar Jazz Band

This article contains a few excerpts from our conversation with inspiring community artists.