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Language for the Movement, Part I

Published: 2018-06-26

Published: 2018

Speakers: Jen Tremblay, Indi McCasey, Lynn Hoare, and Natalie Goodnow

As the WARE Network has developed, the Guild has sought input from Network constituents at an inaugural video chat as well as at the Community Arts Educators for Racial Equity Institute at the 2017 Conference. Network participants requested future support on how to stay engaged with the evershifting language that upholds the movement for racial justice. In response to this interest, the WARE Network offers Language for the Movement, a series of two video chats that provide concrete examples of how language can identify you as an ally and the role it can play in furthering your organization’s work around equity and racial justice.

In the Part I “fireside chat,” representatives from Creative Action (Austin, TX) discuss their staff-wide social justice learning initiatives, including an ongoing Examining Whiteness circle. Participants hear about the challenges that go along with building a common language and how tackling language is a necessary step in broadening organizational activity around racial justice.