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Building Smart Education Systems: Your Role in a Community-Wide Approach to Public Education

Published: 2018-06-25

Published: 2013

Speaker: Warren Simmons

The national conversation around public education reform has grown increasingly passionate and contentious in the last several years. So often it seems that curiosity, creativity, and inspiration are eclipsed by accuracy, achievement, and uniformity. Dr. Simmons aims to turn the tide. His refreshing vision for teaching and learning emphasizes the important role of arts and cultural institutions and other community based organizations in students' success. In this thought-provoking session, Simmons exomplre some of the key factors contributing to the current state of public education in the US: the backlash against the test-driven accountability movement, the Common Core State Standards, new calls for enrichment opportunities, and the need to expand learning time. He then shares key principles behind what the Annenberg Institute for School Reform calls "Smart Education Systems."