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Anti-Racism as Organizational Compass Series: Lion's Tooth Project

Published: 2020-12-09

The “Anti-Racism as Organizational Compass” series offers the opportunity to listen to intimate conversations with six BIPOC-led arts organizations that center anti-racism in mission and practice.

In this session, our dialogue facilitator, Masharika Prejean Maddison, spoke to key stakeholders of Lion’s Tooth Project, including Natalia Guerrero, Fatmata Bah, Daria Blue, Daniel-José Cyan, and Calia Marshall. Lion's Tooth Project is a community project based in Brooklyn, NY in service of LGBTQIA+, Immigrant, Black / Indigenous, and POC youth. Lion’s Tooth Project believes in the healing power of community, story-telling, art, and connection to the earth. Through photography, herbalism, mentorship, and self-expression, Lion’s Tooth Project’s goals are that youth reconnect to their innate belonging to the land, life purpose, and reclaim their power to speak their truth. ASL English Interpretation was provided by Pro Bono ASL and Selena Flowers, and Benjamin Smith.

Speakers (Full bios here): 

Fatmata Bah (They/Them), Peer Lead

Daria Blue (They/Them), Peer Lead

José-Daniel Cyan (He/Him), Teaching Artist and Partnership Manager

Natalia Guerrero (They/Them), Founder

Calia Marshall (She/Her), Community Partner