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Webinar Recording: How might we reach audiences on the other side of the digital divide?

Published: 2020-04-17

When programming for our communities in healthy times, we don’t often consider the digital divide. However when sheltering in place, this divide comes into sharp focus. In this Community Think Tank, we discussed creative programming for folks who do not have easy access to the internet. Access this Think Tank Google Doc for a sampling of collaborative answers to how we might reach audiences on the other side of the digital divide.


  • William Estrada, Arts Educator, Multidisciplinary Artist, and Consultant | Chicago, IL

  • Laura Kujo, Arts Education & Evaluation Consultant | New York, NY

  • Tanya Maggi, Dean of Community Engagement and Professional Studies, New England Conservatory of Music | Boston, MA

  • Margie Reese, Chief Executive Officer, Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture | Wichita Falls, TX 


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