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CYD Toolkit Series: Program Evaluation

Published: 2020-06-23

Evaluating creative youth development practice builds on a long history of lived experience and an ever-growing body of knowledge in the youth development sector. The best touchstone for these evaluations is the value of “creative inquiry and expression” that underpins CYD itself. CYD evaluation strategies should align with the core values of the movement by involving youth in their design and application, honoring creative expression, and using mixed-methodological approaches that capture CYD’s holistic outcomes.

In this seventh webinar in the CYD Toolkit Series, Justin Jalea discussed trends and recommendations from his landscape paper, “Program Evaluation,” published by Americans for the Arts and the CYD National Partnership. He was joined by practitioners: Sasha Metcalf, Famo Musa, and Julie Kendig who are integrating youth participation in program evaluation and using data to boldly and creatively demonstrate impact.

This virtual learning series is brought to you by the Creative Youth Development National Partnership. One of the National Partners, Americans for the Arts, recently spearheaded the development of 7 written briefs authored by field experts as part of the first phase of a creative youth development toolkit for the field. All webinars are hosted by the National Guild for Community Arts Education and made possible by generous support from the Clare Rose Foundation.

You can find additional resources compiled by the speakers here


Justin Jalea, Human Rights Scholar, Conductor, Author

Sasha Metcalf, Associate Director of Research and Evaluation, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)

Famo Musa, Photographer, Youth Organizer with the Global Action Research Center (The Global ARC) & Co-founder of City Heights Youth for Change (CHYfC)

Julie Kendig, Founder, RISE Research & Evaluation