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CYD Toolkit Series: Funding, Sustainability, and Partnerships

Published: 2020-05-29

The funding and sustainability of creative youth development (CYD) programs requires organizations to think creatively and broadly. While CYD has deep roots, the field is still coalescing. Creating sustainable funding practices for CYD requires field-building and collaboration between practitioners, funders, and other stakeholders that are not strictly in the arts.

In the sixth webinar in the CYD Toolkit Series, Meredith Eppel Jylkka discussed key trends and recommendations from her landscape paper, “Funding, Sustainability and Partnerships,” published by Americans for the Arts and the CYD National Partnership. Borrowing from field-building strategies and adjacent sectors, she and other key stakeholders will share insights into ways the CYD field can develop a range of funding and sustainability strategies by uplifting innovative programs, developing broad support networks, creating public-private partnerships, and more.

Speakers :

Moderator: Matt D'Arrigo, Director of Creative Youth Development, Clare Rose Foundation

Author: Meredith Eppel Jylkka, Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Responder: Tarik Ward, Director of Music Programs, ELMA Philanthropy Services

Responder: Käthe Swaback, Creative Youth Development Program Officer, Mass Cultural Council


This virtual learning series is brought to you by the Creative Youth Development National Partnership. One of the National Partners, Americans for the Arts, recently spearheaded the development of 7 written briefs authored by field experts as part of the first phase of a creative youth development toolkit for the field. All webinars are hosted by the National Guild for Community Arts Education and made possible by generous support from the Clare Rose Foundation.