Community Arts Education Leadership Institute (CAELI)


We made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020–2022 CAELI cohort programs due to the pandemic. We are not accepting applications for a new CAELI cohort at this time. The Guild is currently taking time in a Portal of transformation to reimagine and rebuild all programs.

During the pandemic, Guild staff and CAELI faculty have worked together to support our CAELI alumni community. During summer 2020, CAELI Co-Director and Core Faculty Member Ama Codjoe offered the “DreamBook” Series—a series of prompts designed specifically for CAELI Alumni to foster authentic self-reflection and space for self-care. CAELI faculty members Mary Parish & John McCann teamed up for an offering in November 2020 called Leading through Uncertainty: Scenarios for the Future. Consisting of three 2-hour workshops and an additional opportunity for office hours with John, this offering allows participants to dive deeper into challenges and opportunities they are facing in their community work. Both of these offerings were at no cost to alumni.


The Community Arts Education Leadership Institute (CAELI) provides an intensive, transformative experience through which both seasoned and emerging leaders advance their skills by engaging with top leadership trainers, nationally renowned practitioners, and a diverse cohort of peers.

The eight-month program includes a five-day seminar at Bryn Mawr College (Philadelphia, PA), a 360-degree feedback process, peer-mentoring, and follow-up coaching. To optimize the learning experience, participation is limited to 26 individuals selected through a competitive application process.


Transforming Your Leadership

CAELI will increase your leadership effectiveness by helping you:

  • Increase awareness of the characteristics of highly effective leadership
  • Deepen your understanding of your strengths and identify areas for future development
  • Identify your core values and learn how these influence behavior and decision making
  • Deepen your understanding of equity and how personal biases influence leadership practice
  • Commit to your developmental goals, and with your coach, initiate a plan of action

To optimize the learning experience, participation is limited to 26 individuals selected through a competitive application process.


Alumni Testimonials

Linda Fernandez, Class of 2014

"Participating in CAELI is one of the best things you can do, both personally and professionally. You will walk in not knowing exactly what to expect and you will leave feeling refreshed and reenergized to do amazing work and have a positive impact on your community."

Troy Anderson, Chicago Center for Music Education (ChiME), Class of 2010

"For me, CAELI opened up a whole world of behaviors and competencies that are necessary for me to lead effectively. Having come into CAELI with no prior management or leadership training, the institute also helped me take some of my previous leadership practices to the next level."

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Generous Supporters

Supporters of CAELI include The American Express Foundation, The Angell Foundation, Aroha Philanthropies, The Cleveland Foundation, The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, the CAELI Alumni Network, and other generous individuals.