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December 31, 2018 Member News

Settlement Student on How Piano Changed Their Life

Jennifer Weiner, author, NYTimes contributor, and student at Settlement Music School, recently published a column on how playing the piano—and being mediocre at it—has helped her to embrace failure.

December 04, 2018 Field News

Report: Arts Education Approaches Supported by ESSA

ESSA considers arts to be essential components of “a well-rounded education” and offers funding to help education agencies teach them in their schools. In order to access this funding, however, education agencies must show evidence that the programs they propose can affect student outcomes.

November 30, 2018 Field News

Afterschool Matters Calls for Papers on Creative Youth Development

The Fall 2019 issue of Afterschool Matters will focus on creative youth development, a new term for a longstanding theory of practice that integrates creative skill-building, inquiry, and expression with positive youth development principles.