Young People's Chorus of NYC Launches YPC National, Inc.

Francisco J. Núñez, Founder and Artistic Director of the award-winning Young People’s Chorus of New York City (YPC), announced last week the launch of YPC National, Inc., a non-profit organization founded to develop YPC-inspired choirs nationwide. The choirs will bring together children of diverse backgrounds through perfomances, community programs, and educational initiatives. 

“After many years of meeting choral directors and other individuals throughout the country who wished to replicate choruses in their own cities based on the YPC model, I realized the importance of expanding YPC initiatives beyond New York,” said Mr. Núñez. “Young people are the strength of our cities, and providing an oasis for children from diverse neighborhoods to work together and learn about each other can make a difference in not only their personal lives, but in building stronger communities through the power of music.”

The new choirs will be founded based on the core values of YPC, including artistic excellence, diversity, and education. 

Read more about YPC here. 


Published: March 18, 2019