YAYA Starts $80,000 Emergency Relief Fund for Alumni

With support from the Ana & Adeline Foundation, YAYA is creating a COVID-19 emergency relief fund of $80,000 for YAYA Alumni to help stabilize their lives and—by extension—their artistic practice. The fund offers $500 grants to eligible YAYA Alumni. Additional $500 grants will be available over the next several months to those experiencing dire circumstances.

Jana Napoli, founder of YAYA and the Ana $ Adeline Foundation, writes: "COVID-19 has created enormous global chaos. During crisis, artists help us make sense of the world. They create visions interpreting rights and wrongs. They paint portals of empathy and hope. Artists design a better way forward for society. The Ana & Adeline Foundation is dedicated to supporting the YAYA family and their sustainability as creative citizens of the world."

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Published: April 22, 2020