Yale Releases Declaration on Equity in Music for City Students

The Yale School of Music (YSM) recently released a Declaration on Equity in Music for City Students, a document that calls for every student in every city in America to have access to an active music life. Based on the concepts of dignity and inclusion, the declaration asserts an active music life is a social, cultural, and educational right.

The document proposes a framework through which “ecosystems” of students, educators, families, professional musicians, and community partners can collaborate to create and ensure equity in music. The declaration can be used to initiate, continue, or reinvigorate conversations about the role music plays in the lives of students, both in- and out-of-school, in cities around the United States.

The full text, along with pertinent resources, compelling stories, and specific action steps, can be explored and shared at music.yale.edu/declaration.

About Yale Music in Schools Initiative

The Music in Schools Initiative at the Yale School of Music is a longstanding partnership between New Haven Public Schools and the Yale School of Music. It expands music opportunities for New Haven students and music educators, while simultaneously preparing Yale’s international body of graduate musicians to be teaching artists and cultural leaders. Teaching artists complement the work of full-time certified music educators during school hours, while also offering opportunities for students to participate in supplementary programs. All activities are centered around the core principles of mentorship and active music-making, and include in-school mentorship, all-city ensembles, vacation festivals, and an intensive summer academy.

Published: June 07, 2018