Welch on how the NEA Shapes the Arts in Gadsden

Bob Welch, executive director of the Gadsden Community School for the Arts, recently contributed an article to The Gadsden Times that described his experience advocating on behalf of his community for arts education. He detailed how vital the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has been for the Gadsden community, and why federal funding for the arts is invaluable for Alabama.

"The NEA has made significant contributions to the arts in Alabama at large and even in our smaller community of Gadsden. In the past five years, the NEA awarded 74 direct grants to nonprofit and governmental arts organizations and programs in Alabama. Five of these came directly to our congressional district so that 20,400 adults and children could experience the arts. Specifically, a multi-day workshop series conducted by Marshall County called Melodies and Musings has received generous grants from the NEA for five consecutive years. This series helps retired senior citizens learn more about the district’s heritage through music education."

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Published: June 26, 2018