Three Media Literacy Resources from Guild Member Jacob Burns Film Center

April 2, 2021
Guild member (and Catalyzing Creative Aging program alum) Jacob Burns Film Center is engaging schools and community organizations with free virtual programs focused on media literacy and social emotional learning through film. 
These resources are available for practitioners across the country to use: 
  • Classroom to Screening Room: Free virtual field trips with streaming links, live post film discussions with JBFC Educators, and Discussion Guides built for in-person, hybrid, or full remote learning environments.
  • Image, Sound, and Story: Searchable library of media literacy lessons for teachers focusing on building filmmaking and storytelling fundamentals, so learners can be critical of what they watch and intentional with what they make.
  • Short Film Library: Ever-expanding curated library of short films (narrative, documentary, and animations) with accompanying filmmaker backgrounds and discussion questions aimed towards learning film and story techniques and building empathy.

Published: April 02, 2021