Teaching Artists Guild Quarterly Focuses on Creative Youth Development

Released in March, the latest issue of the TAG Quarterly is dedicated to Creative Youth Development research, practices, and organizations across the country. Featured in the issue is National Guild Chief Program Officer Heather Ikemire's piece about the Creative Youth Development National Partnership, as well as Guild Members and other organizations doing CYD work across the country. 

"Young people thrive when they have opportunities to maximize their creative potential." says Heather in her article. "Research shows that creative youth development (CYD) supports young people in developing the skills, attitudes, and behaviors that are critical to success in life, school and work. Yet there are sizable disparities in who has access to these programs across the country. Some communities have little to no access, while others have exemplary programs that struggle to meet a growing demand with limited resources."

You can read the full issue on the TAG website. 

Published: April 03, 2019