SFCMC Launches Chorus for Transgender, Intersex, and Genderqueer Community

The San Francisco Community Music Center has announced the launch of the New Voices Bay Area TIGQ Chorus, a community choral program for transgender, intersex, and genderqueer participants.

“When I was looking for a Bay Area music organization whose mission was musical access for all people, I naturally thought of CMC,” Reuben Zellman, musical director, educator, and director of the chorus, commented. “As a transgender singer and conductor, I have experienced first-hand the barriers that TIGQ face to musical participation. Singers tend to be rigidly and often thoughtlessly sorted by sex. Yet TIGQ vocal stories are often more complex.”

When Zellman approached CMC program director Sylvia Sherman two years ago to explore the possibility of starting the chorus, she was taken with the idea.

“Musical access is the core of CMC programs. When Reuben brought us the idea we immediately understood the need. Funding, as will any new program, was the hurdle to getting the chorus going,” said Sherman.

Over the course of two years, CMC worked to secure funding for the chorus pilot. Through the generous support of Ambassador James C. Hormel and individual donors, the New Voices Bay Area TIGQ Chorus was born.

Learn more about the chorus here.

About San Francisco Community Music Center

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Photo credit: San Francisco Community Music Center (SFCMC)

Published: August 10, 2018