New Victory Releases Early Arts Learning School Tool

The New Victory Theater (New York, NY) releases resources guides that provide K-12 educators with comprehensive materials that explore the arts. The most recent publication, the New Victory School Tool Resource Guide: Early Arts Learning, includes ready-to-implement art form-based activities, creativity pages ,and unit plan brainstorms adaptable to the needs of any learning space. The report provides opportunities for educators, caregivers, and kids to bring stories to life, explore emotions, sing, move, and ignite their imagination. Plus, the last section of this School Tool features a host of family engagement activities specifically geared toward bringing the arts, and a sense of play and discovery, directly into students’ homes.

Chapters of the resource include:

  • Activating Stories
  • Exploring Emotions
  • Let’s Sing
  • Discovering Movement
  • Sparking Imagination
  • Playing At Home

Learn more and download the resource guide here.

Published: May 11, 2020