Mural Arts Philadelphia featured on Abbott Elementary

March 16, 2023

An advertisement for the series Abbott Elementary. The photograph is of seven individuals, six of them sitting inside an imaginary school bus and one standing in the middle aisle, wearing a patterned green and yellow dress. The logos for "Abbott Elementary", "ABC6", and "Hulu" are on the bottom-right corner. The logo for "Mural Arts" is on the top-left corner.

Shout out to Mural Arts Philadelphia, who were prominently featured in an episode of the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning ABC series Abbott Elementary! When the show's creator, Quinta Brunson, grew up in Philadelphia in the 2000s, Mural Arts Philadelphia came to her middle school to guide her class through creating a new mural. According to a tweet from Brunson, that childhood experience inspired the March 1 episode of the show, in which Mural Arts comes to the fictional Abbott Elementary to guide the students through designing and creating a mural.

Read more on the Mural Arts website.

Published: March 16, 2023