Listen to a Broadcast of Margaret Perry Memorial Concert

On July 21 at 12:00 PM KMFA radio station in Texas will broadcast a recording of Remembering Margaret Perry, a memorial concert held in honor of the founder of Armstrong Community Music School.

According to KMFA, “Margaret Perry, founder of the Armstrong Community Music School, was a force unlike any other in the Central Texas music scene. She was a treasured member of KMFA’s Community Advisory Board and a frequent guest on the station’s programs. When the Austin musical community came together to celebrate Margaret’s life in a music-only program of works hand selected by her, KMFA was there to capture the event.”

In announcing the broadcast, the president and general manager of the station shared her thoughts on Margaret’s legacy: Margaret and her remarkable team created music classes for every age and ability, but that’s just the beginning. A guitar program for veterans builds community through the healing power of music. Free enrichment programs brighten the lives of mothers and children at SAFE Alliance and the Todos Juntos Learning Center. There are classes for the Travis High School Child Development Center, music lessons for visually impaired children, and We Are The Chorus, a singing ensemble for adults with developmental disabilities.

In honor of Margaret's remarkable legacy, the National Guild has launched the Margaret Perry Leadership Fund. Donate here.

You can learn more and listen to the broadcast here.


Published: July 12, 2018