Lifetime Arts, AAM Announce Seeding Vitality Arts in Museums

Aroha Philanthropies, Lifetime Arts, and the American Alliance of Museums announced on May 29 that they will collaborate to launch Seeding Vitality Arts in Museums. The project will enable a diverse cohort of 15-17 museums across America to develop and implement high quality, intensive arts learning opportunities for older adults. All types of museums will be eligible to apply, including art museums, science centers, history museums, arboretums, and zoos. Aroha Philanthropies will provide program funding to selected museums for up to two years as well as access to the training and technical assistance needed for them to be successful.

Seeding Vitality Arts in Museums will build on the success of Aroha’s two previous cohorts, Seeding Vitality Arts U.S. and Seeding Vitality Arts MN.

The goals of Seeding Vitality Arts are to:

  • Demonstrate the power and impact of creative aging programs to a broad national audience
  • Encourage arts and cultural organizations to develop participatory arts education programs for older adults
  • Encourage organizations that serve older adults to develop arts education programming
  • Disseminate effective program models

The National Guild, in partnership with Lifetime Arts, is also working to bolster creative aging in community arts education. You can learn more about the Catalyzing Creative Aging program here.

Read more about the Aroha, Lifetime Arts, AAM partnership here.

Published: May 28, 2018