Creative Place Making Microsite from ArtPlace America

Since 2010, ArtPlace America has provided leadership, inquiry, research, and support around creative placemaking occurring across sectors and segments of community development. These efforts have been grounded in a relentless commitment to equitable, people-centered and artist-led processes that engage community members in deep consideration of their heritage, identity, and assets, with a focus on locally-driven and supported approaches for future growth. This has yielded groundbreaking progress in our understanding of the role of the arts in furthering public/private goals for securing vibrant communities.

As they fulfill their 10-year mandate and sunset their operation, ArtPlace is leaving us with a new microsite that provides useful infographics and key research outtakes. The site includes a number of field scans—case studies of projects and partnerships at the intersection of the arts and transportation, immigration, public health and safety, environment, food systems, housing, workforce, and the economy. You can take a look here:

Published: January 04, 2021