Creative Art Works new Remote Public Art Youth Employment Program

August 20, 2020


Although the NYC Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) was suspended this year, Creative Art Works (CAW) developed a Remote Digital Public Art Youth Employment Program and committed to providing jobs to over 50 teens and young adults as direct hires. By the end of the summer, each Youth Apprentice (YA) completed a personal digital portfolio consisting of two social justice posters, their contributions to a collection of inclusive stock photography with an emphasis on images of People of Color and the LGBTQ+ community, and a video artist statement. 

In addition to learning serious skills for the digital workplace, YAs grappled with challenging topics and crafted compelling messages about social justice issues, including racial and gender equality, animal rights, domestic abuse, child labor, climate change, family separation, mental hygiene and drug addiction, and the rising cost of health care.

The program wrapped up with two virtual culminating events which were attended by over 100 guests, including CAW board members, NYC school principals and teachers, and representatives from program partners. Thirteen YA’s were honored with awards for their art or their teamwork.

Read more and view the young artists' work here.

Published: September 03, 2020