Community Music Center Creates New Voices Chorus for Trans and Non-Binary Singers

Community Music Center's New Voices Bay Area TIGQ Chorus has been featured by the San Fransisco chronicle for its work to offer a musical outlet for any singers who self-identify as transgender, intersex or genderqueer. 

“The reason we started this,” founder Reuben Zellman says, “was because it was clear there really wasn’t a space for people from our community to sing in an environment that was specifically designed to be supportive of them." 

Many aspects of singing are gendered - referring to voices as male or female, or wearing particular clothing in performance, or standing in an arrangement according to gender. The New Voices choir program has, for many, "become a venue to explore the joys and rewards of music in an affirmative environment."

Read the full article here, and find information and upcoming performances on their website.


Published: March 18, 2019