Center of Creative Arts: Creating Space for Human Connection

In a post on the Americans for the Arts blog, Kelly Lamb Pollock of the Center of Creative Arts (St. Louis, MO) shares a reflection on her organization's newest expansion project. COCA is expanding with a 50,000 square foot addition onto their current space. 

"Historically," Pollock write, "arts organizations have built facilities and spaces in service to their art, such as grand museums and acoustically pristine symphony halls. In planning for our expansion, we have done more than our fair share of discussing, debating, and decision-making about the technical specifications and “performance” of our new space. However, as the project has evolved, I’m more interested in thinking about how our space, and our art, can be in service to humanity, not the other way around."

Read the full article on the Americans for the Arts blog.

Published: June 05, 2019