Spy Hop Engages Youth Nationally with New Beat Challenge Program

As arts educators adapt to remote learning environment, Spy Hop (Salt Lake City, UT) has taken a creative approach to engaging youth, both locally and around the country, as music makers. Beat Challenge is a fast-paced electronic music production program that gives students the opportunity to connect with other youth musicians, create electronic music, and discuss creations with professional musicians and mentors in a safe online environment. 

Beat Challenge meets exclusively online and students have the opportunity to sign up for a free, private server (through Discord) to use for on-going conversation and to share music with peers.

Kasandra VerBrugghen, executive director of Spy Hop was also recently featured on our webinar, How do we design for sustained learning over long periods of time? You can watch that webinar here.

Learn more about Spy Hop and the Beat Challenge here.

Published: May 15, 2020