Recap: San Francisco & Oakland Community Spaces

November 16, 2022

A group of people standing in a circle, with their hands stretched out in front of them

Guild trustee Nancy Ng smiling and talking at a microphone, with a slide projected in the background that says Community Spaces Bay Area - welcome to the Museum of the African Diaspora  Four people sitting in a circle in conversation with each other - three are sitting on the floor and one is seated on a bench. One person is speaking and gesturing.

San Francisco Community Space at The Museum of the African Diaspora

Last week we held two wonderful Community Spaces in the Bay Area—one in San Francisco (at The Museum of the African Diaspora) and one in Oakland (at Oakstop). Guild trustees Nancy Ng and Sofia Fojas graciously hosted us. 

Some themes that emerged in conversation were the devastating impacts of gentrification and the artist exodus from the Bay Area; the importance of accessibility; the need for policy to support community arts education; the constant struggle to prove the importance and magic of this work in order to get funding, living wages for teaching artists and staff; connections to other types of community services; and much more! Attendees also raised the question of how the Guild can help disrupt the oppressive systems we're all functioning in, especially considering all that the pandemic has exposed. 

Thank you to Pro Bono ASL for providing ASL interpretation, Erica Mones for the delicious food, and photographer Jordan Lewis for capturing the Oakland event.

A person with short black and green hair with two thin braids that hang longer than the rest, standing with their back to the camera and looking at a flipchart paper that says "Thinking about the Guild - what services would be most beneficial to YOU as an individual?"

People sitting around several circular tables, with artwork on the walls in the background  Guild staff member Ivy Young standing and speaking into a microphone, with a screen displaying a slide in the background

Oakland Community Space at Oakstop. Photos by Jordan Lewis

Published: November 16, 2022