Recap: Boston Community Space & Site Visits

November 4, 2022

Executive Director Quanice G. Floyd sits to the left of Board Trustee Lecolion Washington. Behind them is a board projecting a slide that includes the following text: “Community Spaces: Boston. Welcome to the Community Music Center of Boston. Wednesday, Oct. 19. 6pm-8pm.”

Attendees of the Boston Community Space are gathered in circles and seated, engaged in conversation. There is a large, colorful art piece on the wall, and Executive Director Quanice G. Floyd and trustee Lecolion Washington are standing on the right side of the room.Two event attendees - a person with light skin, black framed glasses, and short grey hair and a person with light brown skin and short dark hair - engaged in conversation 

Photos by Vanessa Leroy

On Wednesday, October 19, we held a Community Space in Boston, with Community Music Center of Boston and their Executive Director (and Guild trustee) Lecolion Washington as our host. We had a rich conversation about what community arts education looks like in the Boston area, what challenges folks are facing in their work, what programs and resources would be most beneficial to their organizations, and what inspires them.

Shout out to the staff at the Community Music Center of Boston for hosting us, Dudley Cafe for the yummy food, as well as photographer Vanessa Leroy for documenting the event.

While in Boston, Guild Executive Director Quanice G. Floyd also visited with South Shore ConservatoryWest End House Boys and Girls ClubHyde Square Task Force, and Concord Conservatory of Music. Thank you to Robert Cinnante, Nadine Martinez, Celina Miranda, and Karen Yoder for welcoming us into your spaces and sharing some of the opportunities and challenges you and your communities are experiencing! 

South Shore Conservatory President Robert Cinnante and Guild Executive Director Quanice G. Floyd pose with big smiles in front of a vertical South Shore Conservatory banner with a photo of young people singing.  Hand-painted sign with the text "Boston's Latin Quarter" and an illustration including a building, a train, and a bird in flight, seen at Hyde Square Task Force.

Bulletin board with colorful paper and text that reads "In this room you are an artist if you... want to make something abstract; want to chat and chill; listen to music and rest; want to learn a new skill; want to challenge yourself to create something large; want to (safely) play with materials; you're always welcome with no judgement", seen at West End House Boys and Girls ClubThe Concord Conservatory of Music building, sitting regally at the top of a small hill

Clockwise from top left: South Shore Conservatory; Hyde Square Task Force;
Concord Conservatory of Music; West End House Boys and Girls Club

Published: November 04, 2022